CFC (trade-qualified) Industrial Equipment Builder specialising in construction

Apprentice industrial equipment builders specialise in construction. They learn how to make parts and metal structures for machines. They also learn how to assemble, maintain and repair machines.

Training takes place at the technical workshops in Chernex.

Academic requirements:

  • Voie secondaire à option (academic path preparing students for an apprenticeship) or voie secondaire générale (academic path preparing students for either an apprenticeship or further academic study).

  • Good grasp of mathematics and geometry.

Qualities sought:

  • Technical creativity, flexibility and the ability to work as part of a team. Able to read plans and developments, good logic and spatial awareness, practical mindset and strong manual skills.

Length of apprenticeship: 4 years

  • 2 years of basic training.

  • 1 ½ days of vocational classes per week during the 1st year, reducing to 1 day per week after that. Classes generally held at the École Professionnelle (EPSIC) in Lausanne.

  • 1 mid-term examination.

  • 2 years of specific in-house training. Work placement in mechanical engineering. Possibility of doing work placements with different companies.

  • 1 practical examination taken in the workshop, 1 theory examination testing general and professional knowledge.

The final grade is based on the results of the 3 examinations and marks achieved in class.


  1. If you are interested in this profession, here are the next steps for your application:

  2. Send us your complete application file (covering letter, CV, diplomas, other useful documents) using the form below.

  3. Theoretical aptitude test in Montreux.

  4. One-week practical internship at the Chernex Technical Workshops.

  5. Commitment interview.

  6. Apprenticeship contract.

Before applying, check availability on the Jobs page